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International Telecom Forum 2011 - Customer Insight: from Vision to Value

Focused on customer insight and segmentation, the 6th edition of the International Telecom Forum will take place in Istanbul, Turkey, on 16th and 17th of June. Following on the success of last year’s Forum, which was the first to explore the intersection of marketing and risk departments, this year’s edition will examine how improving and optimizing the knowledge of their clients is a prominent need for marketing, risk and fraud functions in the Telecommunications market.

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Customer insight for profitable growth

One of the central needs of the Telecom industry to enhance their competitiveness in the current economic climate is a data-driven approach to improve the knowledge of their own customer base, according to Tim Barber, Head of the Telecom Market for UK & EMEA in Experian. In an interview with Panorama, Tim stated that one of the key things Telecom companies are asking him for are “solutions that help them segment their customer base, identify their most valuable customers, and create strategies to keep them, and sell them additional services where appropriate”.

Convergence of Marketing and Risk Management

This structured approach should lead to a better understanding of the necessary strategies and tools throughout the whole customer life cycle, including Marketing, Risk Management and Fraud Prevention departments. The Telecom market is highly competitive, and is also undergoing a transition from atoms to bits: from hardware to software and services. This requires a shift, and aligning the strategies of these departments provides a competitive edge that supports sustainable growth. Telecom companies need to deeply understand customers through adequate data support in order to be protected from risk and fraud on one side and devise effective marketing campaigns on the other.

An established industry event

The International Telecom Forum is an established event for risk, fraud and marketing professionals in the Telecom industry. Last year, attendees from almost 30 companies and 17 countries gathered together for two days in Portorož, Slovenia, to discuss and learn how to face today’s market challenges, and the latest trends and innovations in customer management, fraud prevention and risk management.

What to expect from this year’s Forum

The 2 day conference will take place in Istanbul, Turkey, on 16th and 17th of June, and the agenda will be packed with keynotes and presentations from experts of the Telecommunication arena that will help understand and share innovative approaches to:

  • Customer retention and value management
  • Risk management
  • Fraud prevention
  • Debt and collections management

 There will be also case studies, workshops and parallel interactive sessions from a number of international market players. During the event you’ll also benefit from networking with Experian experts, client speakers and global senior level executives from the Telecom arena. But the best way to get a taste of what the International Telecom Forum can offer is to look at the keynotes and case studies for the last edition:

Telecom and Multimedia Forum; Industry expertise;Customer Value Management: Trends; Customer Experience; Multi-Channel Strategies Applied; Lisa Modisette, Amdocs Consulting; Michael Boevink; Telecoi BV; Earn Money with Interactive Mobile Solutions; Market experience: Credit Vetting Experience; British Telecom Italy; Ortenzio Bibbò, Credit and Risk Manager, British Telecom Italia; Experian experts; Digital Advertising Services: How to Monetise your Customer Data; Alex Kuhnel, Product and Delivery Director, Experian.

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