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Experian International Telecom Forum 2012

It’s brave new world. And the most interesting characteristic of this new world we live in is that it’ll keep changing. Revolutions (technical, economical, political) follow one another in a seemingly endless fashion: we don’t have to prepare to what’s coming next, but for change itself. The Telco market has not been immune to those changes and to reflect that, this year the Experian International Telecom Forum had the “Connected Customer in a Changing World” as its theme.

Telecom Forum 2012

The Experian International Telecom Forum hosted its 7th edition in Rome, on 14th and 15th of June. It has quickly become one of the key meeting points for marketing and risk professionals in the Telecom market, as more high profile brands choose the event to discuss trends, present case studies and share experiences with other colleagues. The Telco market has become highly competitive, as companies evolve into full-service communication providers, and the Forum is a pivotal lens through which to assess the current environment.

“Just a wonderful place for sharing & gaining experience”

If you still have doubts whether you should have come to the Forum, you can read and see the testimonials of delegates of past editions and see what they thought of the experience. A couple of examples:

"Excellent event with various and different points of view on a common concern. Impressive examples of best practices."
Roic Thomas, Manager Billing & Risk Analysis, Telefònica O2 (Germany)

“Excellent event team, great drive to make everyone successful and inspired to be in this business and market. It has been an excellent forum.   Looking forward to meet again at such a pleasant location”

Michal Boevink, Director, Telecoi BV (Netherlands)


This year the Experian International Telecom Forum focused on the theme of “Connected Customer in a Changing World”. The agenda of keynotes and workshops focused on challenges in marketing and risk management for Telecom companies as they keep evolving into full-service communication providers. Verizon, Turkcell, Vodafone, Telefónica or Postemobile are among the companies that did presentations in this edition of the International Telecom Forum. Don't hesitate to check the full list of topics and speakers.

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