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Interview with Steve Lomax on digital marketing

The European credit information landscape

Optimize credit risk management tools (video)

Stress testing: the Experian's approach

International Telecom Forum 2011
Customer Insight: from Vision to Value



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Experian acquires stake in Techlightenment, a social media marketing provider

Founded in 2007, Techlightenment is a data-driven technology and marketing business which provides social media marketing services to multinational companies and global advertising agencies. Techlightenment uses its proprietary technology platforms to help its clients market and advertise effectively using social media. Techlightenment’s clients include GlaxoSmithKline, Universal Pictures and Dr Martens. The company employs 40 people.

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Experian launches Hitwise Internet measurement service for India

Experian’s Internet measurement service will help domestic and international marketers operating in India to improve their online marketing, content development, affiliate strategies and search tactics. Experian Hitwise also operates in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Canada, France and Brazil.

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Fraud prevention service Hunter, launched for India

Hunter is India’s first fraud prevention service that enables local and international businesses to prevent costly application fraud. Application fraud is a growing global epidemic and it occurs when fraudsters use another person’s identity to apply for finance they are not entitled to, or when genuine individuals misrepresent their own information in an attempt to obtain financial services they are not entitled to.

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Steve Lomax talks about the intersection of mobile, email and social media marketing

As Managing Director EMEA in Experian CheetahMail, Experian Marketing Services, Steve Lomax is in the frontlines of innovation in digital marketing. We wanted to tap into his expertise to know more about the current state of the online marketing landscape, what are the current trends and opportunities in the digital arena, and what benefits will bring the intersection of social, mobile and email marketing.

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The credit information landscape in Europe

The credit information landscape in Europe

We analyze The European Credit Information Landscape: A survey of credit bureaus in Europe, a report developed by The Association of Consumer Credit Information Suppliers (ACCIS), and an important first step in getting to know the detail of an industry with potential to contribute to new solutions in global credit markets.

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Calin Stanciu speaking on the Credit Risk Forum 2010

Credit risk management tools optimization in Unicredit

Calin Stanciu, Chief Risk Officer from Unicredit, was a speaker at the last Experian Credit Risk Forum held in Istanbul. There, he explained how the crisis represented an opportunity to reorganize their business model around a customer centric approach, aligning as well the credit risk tools across the organization.

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Stress testing

Stress testing: The Experian's approach

“Stress Testing” used to be a familiar term only to risk management professionals. Following the recent financial crisis, the stress tests conducted in the US and in the EU have received significant interest from the media. But what is exactly a stress test, and how it's implemented?

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New edition of the International Telecom and Multimedia Forum

International Telecom Forum 2011

The next International Telecom Forum will take place in Istanbul, Turkey, on 16-17th of June. This year’s edition will examine how improving and optimizing the knowledge of their customer base is a prominent need for marketing, risk and fraud functions in the Telecom market.

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