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2013 Delegate Interviews

Take a look at what of some of our delegates had to say at last year's forum.

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We are pleased to announce that our 9th annual International Telecom Forum will be taking place on the 12th and 13th of June this year, and will be hosted in Rome, Italy.

The event is reserved for Telecom Executives worldwide who, as per every year, will have the opportunity to network and share their experiences. This year's forum will focus on ‘Unlocking the Value of Telecom Data’ and will cover how to better exploit the value of data to grow customer intimacy, make strategic decisions and improve efficiency and profitability.

During the previous eight forums, we have seen over 2,000 executives attend from over 35 countries, all of whom benefiting from keynotes and presentations delivered by experts within the Telecom industry. 

Why Should You Attend?

This year’s forum promises to be an influential platform for the strategies and solutions that are setting the industry trends, as well as for the sharing of insightful content, including:

  • World-class experts from the expanding Telecom and Multimedia industries
  • Multiple case studies, workshops and parallel interactive sessions run by leading market players
  • Products and solutions showcase, with breakthrough innovation
  • Private consultations with dedicated international experts 

The forum offers innovative insight, which can support the activities of C-level individuals, Directors, Senior Management and executives of Marketing, CRM, Risk and Fraud departments. If this sounds ideal for enhancing your business, and your business operates within the Telecom and/or Multimedia industry, then the International Telecom Forum is the event you won’t want to miss!

A message from the International Telecom Forum Chairman, Luis J. Garavito

The economic downturn of the past years have hit hard the telecommunications industry across our EMEA region. Not only have we, as vendors, felt the pressure for optimal low-cost performance but our customers have made the “lean and mean” mantra so persistent that it guides everything they do today.

Every effort our clients make to become more efficient gives us an opportunity to truly help them. We know customer intimacy is not about spending loads of money on trendy marketing campaigns but using your customer data assets to approach the right customers in a unique way. We also learn that delivering customer experiences is about using various data assets meaningfully and consistently across your channels. These are just everyday examples of the type of challenges we run into in our daily interaction with the telecommunications companies, but most importantly, it gives us a flavour of the exciting times that lie ahead for the industry and the key role we at Experian are bound to play in the Credit and Risk, Customer Management and Fraud spaces altogether.

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